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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs

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I'm always working on current technology and the latest trends in design.

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About Mary Market

First you should know

Hello, I am Mary Market. I love DESIGN! I handcraft well-thought-out websites built on WordPress solid coding and elegant design. I also create stunning and functional products for print. Let me show you around because there is lots more I can do for you.

I wear many hats. I manage projects as a technologist, artist, analyst, and designer. I have an extensive understanding of the user experience to craft memorable stunning experiences.

As a strategist, I have a broad understanding of how the creative process works in industry and business application.

As an educator, I seek to help people help themselves through inspiration and vision. I love to share my vision. As an advocate of life-long learning, I walk the talk, always working on current technology and the latest trends in design.

I create business solutions for:

  • Commercial printing and publishing
  • High tech manufacturing
  • Education and Daycare
  • Office management
  • Community organizations
  • Retail Stores
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Local government
  • Church organizations
  • Service business

I am passionate and curious. I love to deconstruct technology to discover how it works, making computer repairs and reclaiming lost data for clients.

I am always looking for new opportunities to build relationships. Let me help you build your brand in print and on the web.


Digital Web Design


Web Development


Website Hosting


Branding Design


Social Media Marketing




Video Production


Computer Maintenance


Story Content Writing


Instructional Facilitator


Creative Work

In order to create you have to believe in your ability to do so and that often means
excluding whole chunks of normal life, and, of course, pumping yourself up as much as possible as a way of keeping on.
Sort of cheering for yourself in the great football stadium of life. — T.C. Boyle

What Clients Say

It’s a real pleasure to earn the trust of your customers slowly over time by doing what’s right. — Charlie Munger

Why Mary Market

You won't find a more dedicated provider of design and technology services. I get the job done. I'm timely, passionate, engaged and ready to start on your next project. Take a chance on me and you'll be glad you did.

Web Design

Some people can buy a website with a ready-made template, add their particulars into little text boxes, and wah-la - a website. No, not really. It just doesn't happen that way. You have 3 seconds when someone "might" land on your website to keep them there. It is a science that I have studied. There are design rules and much more.

Do you need a content management system, an online calendar, blog, or a shopping cart? There are times when your basic simple site isn't enough. Let me create a stunning, animated web application for your specific needs.

Logo Design & Branding

Do you have a visual brand, a logo or logo mark that is all yours and that is spread across in a cohesive design in all your materials? If not, you need one. At the least, you need a logo, but branding is more than just a logo.

Branding provides a "look and feels" to your presence in your advertising, your brochures, stationery, and other materials used in your company. Branding is probably my favorite design project and I'd love to help you design a logo and create your original identity.

Social Media Marketing

Let's produce a contest, a special sale featuring new products, or an event to make your project visible on multiple social media platforms. I know what you need for a successful campaign.

Then there is the science of getting people who want your business to your website. I've been doing this since the Internet started in the 1990s. Let me help you do it right the first time.

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